Respected Sir, It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that VRINDA SHENOY (Now studying 2nd year MBBS at CMC VELLORE ) has been selected to UPPSALA UNIVERSITY , SWEEDEN for student exchange programme for CMC VELLORE. UPPSALA UNIVERSITY is the oldest medical university of Europe.It is a big honour to the student VRINDA for her
Al-Round ability & hard work which has been tested by the Medical college for the past 2 years. This opportunity is not easy to get as student has to demonstrate her ability in all aspects including Research interest in medical field with tests which are very competitive. CMC VELLORE will pay all the expense for this & student Vrinda will get very rare exposure in Sweden to study there with students of Sweden on student exchange programme which will enrich her knowledge & exposure.2014 batch of BPS had some studious , like minded hard working , mutual helping students having deep interest to study Medical after their 12th. That consists of SANCHU MATHEW PHILIP ( Now studying in Trivandrum ) Saavitri Anantha ( Jss university Mysore) , Sudharshan ( Weil cornel Qatar) Ansabha ( Yenepoya medical research university Mangalore ) Abhiraami. This association of students of BPS also has contributed a lot in their developments.BPS Role in this is tremendous which gave them all exposure , encouragement , Guidance , courage , Moral support & Affection.
BPS is their " HOME "
Thanks Principal sir & BPS always for your contribution to Vrinda & Her Parents & all other students also.Currently Vrinda is now at ALLAHAABAD doing her SHP ( secondary hospital training programme) which is compulsory by CMC VELLORE where a batch of 8 students will have to work in hospital for 10 days under Experienced Doctors. This starts from 1st year MBBS itself. Last year she went to Rajananadgaon chattisgadh for SHP.This SHP will give practical online exposure to operation Theatre on surgery which no other college will give till Final year. (father of Vrinda Shenoy) -3rd May, 2016

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to your exemplary teaching skills which makes my son KEVIN SIJOY of class VI C(i) an excellent communicator, both in written and oral. He recently joined a Toastmaster Gavalier club and has given his first speech in front of a packed audience tonight. He wrote the speech by himself and practiced well so that he was adjudged as the second best speaker in his first attempt itself. He lost the first position to a veteran giving his 10th speech by narrow margin of 1 vote. Rather than winning the first position, I appreciate his efforts to become a competitive speaker and boosting his self-confidence and self-esteem. I am sure that the way you bring the students up, contributed to his makeover as a good writer and speaker. Instead of just forcing the students to learn bye-heart from essays written by somebody else, you instill in them the skill to self-express and to overcome the nervousness, which is the essence of i-curriculum. Please continue doing the same with the students so that they’ll sharpen their soft skills along with the academic skills, which only make them successful in the future world.           Thanks again and best regards. Sijoy -     8 December, 2015

I am the proud parent of ARJUN GOPAKUMAR NAIR (Commerce stream, 2014-15 batch) like to thank you from the deep of my haert for all your valuable guidance &support, without this my son couldn't be able to achieve this kind of result. I would also like to give my heartiest thanks to Geeta Ma'am (Accountancy), Joseph Sir(Economics), Jacqueline Ma'am (Business), Vinu Ma'am(IP), Vasantha Ma'am (English) & Vice-principal Ma'am whose hard work, motivation & dedication has made my son understand the importance of studies, hardwork and made him stand in the position of success. Really they are some of the precious gems of your school. I will never forget them especilly Joseph sir as his class teacher who really worked hard for each child and motivated all his students.       Thank you once again Gopakumar Sukumaran Nair (father of Arun Gopakumar Nair) -18 June, 2015

I am pleased to inform you that yesterday was the last day of my academic school life. In my 14 years of school life, I really owe credit to the 6 years of my time spent in Birla Public School. everything from my personality, discipline and my social life I owe it to BPS. I have been very fortunate that I got to study in Birla Public School. I wasn't the brightest student nor did I achieve anything from activities  or sports. Yet, my teachers loved me and supported me unconditionally just as to every student. I got rewarded for everything good I did and punished for anything bad I did. I owe my teachers so much that I can never repay their efforts, time and love. Birla Public school also introduced me to sports, especially football. Football gave me an identity and also life lessons on accepting defeat and learning from it and most importantly respect. I received a lot of fame for my skills not only in Birla but around Qatar. Bennet sir is the reason behind it. He pushed me beyond my comfort zone not only physically but also mentally. My first competitve match was with Birla and coincidentally my last match was against Birla. I wish the coming Birla Football Team great success in coming years. Shrivastava sir has been an inspiration to me and always be no matter where I go in my life. He and the school have made me the person I am. I will always cherish the 6 years. Thank you is such a small word and I cannot describe the gratitude I have for Birla.                                                                                                                                                                                                           Yash Joshi (Student) 18 June, 2015

We would like to place on record our family’s debt of gratitude to Birla Public  School for having groomed our little daughter for the last eleven years. We admitted her in school eleven years ago and she has just passed out of class XII as one of the school’s tops. Sincere teachers  of  Birla groomed my child all through till what she has achieved today. We have seen teachers putting in their maximum efforts to help every child to perform their best. No school would have the sight of students leaving for Board exam after prayers seen off by parents, teachers Shirley m’m and Principal. We, as parents, feel proud to be part of the growth of the school and wish the school the very best.                                                                                                                                                                                                           Shreedevi and Anathakrishnan.( Parents of Narayani, top in Science, Class XII, March  2015) 

It gives immense happiness to everyone, especially to the parents with full of pride, in terms of the traditional ways to see their ward’s photos get published in newspapers after the announcement of the board exam results. Indeed we are much delighted to read the results of our son, Kevin Jose who stood second Qatar in commerce stream with 95.4% marks and 99% in the subject IP in CBSE 12th 2015. I am writing this letter to you to convey our immense pleasure and gratitude to you. Let me recollect the time of Kevin’s admission to 11th std. Two years back, we came to meet you. As parents we stood with a mood to get him the science stream. However, Srivastav Sir, your personal advice by quoting the testimony of own your daughter, though it was so unexpected for us to quickly comprehend, inspired us to rethink the choices and thus Kevin took commerce stream. Sir, your predictions have really come true. A student of 10th standard with just average marks, when on completion of 12th, he stands at the top at 2nd place among all Indian schools in Qatar. The incubation through a period of two years of his Higher Secondary at Birla Public school Doha Qatar is remarkable. Currently Kevin is at Grey Matter Academics (GMA, Chennai), aspiring to become a Chartered Accountant. In fact, as a plus two student pass out, his current target is to meet the challenges to acquire the best fives in accounting (CA, CPA, CIA, ACCA and B.Com) in the next five years at GMA.We are greatly thankful to Lord Almighty. Then of course to you Sir, for giving the right advice at the right time to choose what was best for his future by precisely calibrating his performance & abilities and rightly convincing us. We also thank our beloved Vice Principal, Smt. Sherly Rappai madam, the lady with full of inspirations and warm smiles, providing a conducive atmosphere to make students of Birla Public School the best in Qatar.  We are also thankful to Shiny Madam, headmistress for her constant support & care for the children.The most deserving person for Kevin’s success is attributed to his class teacher, Sri Joseph Sir. Day & night he stood with his students. He used to monitor every elements and attitudes. His mentoring with a deep foundation of high spiritual quotient made them conscious about themselves and helped them dedicated to their mission. Joseph Sir achieved best results for all his students with his individually concentrated efforts. He gave special lessons by utilizing every possible times slots available to him. Indeed we are indebted to him for his commitment and affection for his children and all our honors goes to him. We thank the teachers Geetha madam (Accountancy), Jaqueline madam (Business Studies), Vasantha Madam (English) and special thanks to Vinu madam (Informatics Practices) for their constant inspiration and encouragement and individual support. We consider that these teachers are real gems and most valuable assets for the Birla Public School. They help the metamorphism by transforming their students confident to achieve the targets which otherwise would have beyond their imaginations. Kevin’s classmates and friends were also remarkable with mutual concern & care for each other. We thank the transport department, particularly the driver Sri. Sulaiman. We thank all other teaching and non-teaching staff of Birla Public school for helping our son Kevin changes from a just yet another ordinary boy to one of the best scorers in CBSE in Qatar.                              Our warmest regards to everyone of Birla Public School.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Jose George & Shiji Jose,Joel Jose (Kevin’s younger brother)



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