26 February 2017
26 February 2017
26 February 2017
26 February 2017
26 February 2017


The Kids Valley, Birla Public School been in operation from September 2004 and has stolen the hearts of many…
This Year 2016 has marked a new Milestone with the newly inaugurated “Kids Valley International Wing”
What is this International Wing all about?
Our School always aims at Excellence and in pursuance of that school started International Wing in Kindergarten
Keeping our Indian stream active and ongoing, this curriculum is moving from the traditional methods of Rote Learning to the latest methods of “VAKT” {Visual, Audio, Kinesthetic & Tactile}
Like other international schools a lot of importance is given to Kinesthetic Learning in which children are provided a variety of resources for them to Touch, Experience & Learn.
A few Highlights..
·       We have the Teacher and Class Assistant system where the Learning is done with a smaller group and the activities are done in a larger group.
·       Our classrooms have multipurpose theme based furniture.
·       Anti-skid flooring
·       Splash pools
·       The Traffic Park
·       Resources to aid learning while playing
·       Indoor and covered outdoor Play areas
·       Music and Movement
·       Reading Corners
Class Teachers and the Class Assistants are:
1. KG1 Ai – The Drove of lambs… Ms. Neeta & Ms. Ida Sonia
2. KG1 Bi – Sleuth of Bears.. Ms. Elizabeth & Ms. Anita
3. KG1 Ci – Brood of Ducklings..Ms. Sheeba & Ms. Sukanya
4. KG1 Di – Clowder of Kittens…Ms. Renu & Ms. Priscilla
5. KG1 Ei –Tower of Girraffes… Ms. Halina & Ms. Deepika
6. KG1 Fi –Cupboard of Pandas… Ms. Kyzil & Ms. Kavita


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