Along with academic excellence, Birla Public School is aiming to provide holistic approach of education which blends multifarious activities with scholastic vibrancy. To make this dream true, we are conducting evening activities in various sports and games, Music, Dance, Art, etc. A group of well qualified professionals and coaches are training the children in the evening activities.

School offers a number of activities during the school time and some in the evening – from  5:00  to  7:00 p.m.




Outdoor Activities :

Æ   Cricket            Æ   Basketball            Æ   Football            Æ   Volleyball            Æ   Judo & Karate           

Indoor Activities :

Æ   Badminton            Æ   Table tennis            Æ   Dance            Æ   Music            Æ   Freehand Drawing            Æ   Aerobics            Æ   Yoga         

Every year, Annual Sports Meet and Founders’ Day are celebrated with great pomp and show.


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