The Birla Gavel Club needs a special mention since it has made far reaching impact in its mission. This club was unfolded in 2006 and continues very actively till today. It is one of the U.S. registered Gavel Club in Doha, Qatar. We have 45 permanent student members from classes 8 to 10. The members are particular in conducting programs such as Debates, Group Discussions, JAM, Table Topics, Prepared Speeches, etc. The stated aim of this club is to make the members gain confidence in public speaking and hence develop them to be excellent orators. At present, the toastmasters Mr. Hari and Mr. Anil Nair are the two pillars of the club, guiding the children to grab success in various competitions held in Doha

' Are you an aspiring speaker? Gavel club aids you in your endeavour !'

BPS Gavel Club Membership Opens. For Registration, contact- Mr. Alan John  (Teacher, Birla Public School). Mob:77279583. [Registration cum First year fee - QAR225 & Annual Fee - QAR100]



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