Rhyme Reason Curriculum

A Developmentally Appropriate Thematic Preschool Program


Play, songs, games and activity are the child’s natural modes of learning. That’s exactly what this curriculum incorporated into this unique preschool curriculum- lots of ‘Rhyme’, lots of ‘Reason’ wrapped colorfully in a range of exciting activities. ‘Rhyme and Reason’ makes for a great pre-school learning curriculum. Recognizing that we must look at the whole child, ‘Rhyme and Reason’ addresses the following 6 Areas of Learning and Development:

1.  Communication, Language and Literacy

2.  Math

3.  Knowledge and Understanding of the World

4.  Creativity

5.  Physical development

6.  Personal, Social and Emotional development

These six areas together make up the skills, knowledge and experiences appropriate for children as they grow, learn and develop. The Areas of Learning that are indicated for each activity will help the teacher guide her young learners towards higher order thinking, reasoning and problem solving underlie the activities.

Language Development and Literacy

The Phonetic approach for Language begins with teaching letters, slowly creating a working knowledge of the alphabet and helping children recognize sounds with words. Phonics skills grow as the children learn the different sounds of vowels and consonants and begin to recognize combinations of letters such as blends. Books, excellent tools in the learning process, have been incorporated into each thematic unit as a means to introduce early language skills.

Story Telling / Reading cultivates the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening for children. One theme related story is enjoyed and explored every week. However, the Teacher can determine how long the Story book can be used. The books recommended can be replaced by other books related to the theme.

Shared Reading: This is an interactive reading experience where the teacher can point out concepts of books like the front cover, top and bottom of page, etc. Finger pointing at text during shared reading reinforces the concept of word and word boundaries as well as directionality. The teacher could even enlarge parts of the text such as songs, poems and charts for shared reading.

Guided Reading: The teacher works with small groups of children. They are given exposure to a wide variety of texts which gradually allows them to tackle new texts more independently.

Maths and Numeracy Development

The Pre Math/Math program includes Number Sense and Number Operations, using varied concrete experiences to reinforce concepts. Collecting and counting flowers and leaves to create a floor decoration for the classroom, examining patterns on tortoise shells to note similarities and differences, using the Jodo Kit or creating worksheets for their friends are some of the engaging activities found in ‘Rhyme and Reason’!

‘Choice Time’ is considered an important component of the curriculum. Here the focus shifts from teacher directed activities to allowing the child to choose his /her activities according to their areas of interest.

Learning Corners included in ’Rhyme and Reason’




Water and Sand

Music and Movement






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